The PT Freedom Funnel - The Exact Proven 2-Step Funnel To Get Online Training Clients Fast

Chris Lynton from shows you the exact funnel Fitpro's around the world are using right now to get online clients on tap. This simple funnel will help any personal trainer get online clients today, through a simple 2-step funnel and 3 powerful traffic techniques. 

So if you'd like to build your online business, this is a must-watch! The PT Freedom Funnel is the exact proven 2-step funnel that will help you get online training clients fast!

Daily Drive Session - How To Earn $100k Easily As A Personal Trainer (Online)'s Chris Lynton Daily Drive Session SPECIAL direct from New York City. Today Chris take us through the simple steps that you can take to earn $100,000 or more as a personal trainer. The simple things that most personal trainers don't know that are holding them back from earning more and having more time and financial freedom.

Online personal training is a key aspect to getting this, watch to find out more.

Do You Have A Business Or Job In Disguise? Chris Lynton take us through the aspect of having a business or having a job in disguise as a Personal Trainer. Many PT's get into personal training to be their own boss and have freedom but find that they have a 'job in disguise'. Learn how to get more freedom and earn more as an online personal trainer.

Daily Drive Session - #1 Tip To Increase Conversions - The 'Guarantee'

Chris Lynton from talking about the #1 way to increase your client conversion, if your struggling to turn leads and enquiries into high paying online training clients. 

The 'Guarantee' is a powerful technique that when done right will allow you to close more clients, charge higher prices and overall earn more for less work as an online personal trainer.

Daily Drive Sessions - Online Fitness Business #1 Trap: Online Coaching OR E-book - Which First?

Chris Lynton from will take you through a pretty important thing, something that he has been asked the last couple of weeks from a couple of different people that he has spoken to, who are personal trainers, fitness experts, gurus, looking to take their business online, looking to escape the daily PT grind of having to live close to the gym, work crazy hours at the gym, early mornings, late nights, going up through the lunch period and also having to work weekends.

The Number 1 Facebook Mistake

Chris Lynton from will take you through the number one reason fitness businesses fail when using Facebook advertising. Now, first and foremost, it's important to know, it's pretty obvious, Facebook is a business; a very, very profitable business and a very large and successful business. The way they make money and the way they make so much money today is by making people want to use their advertising and taking their dollars as fast and as easily and as profitably as possible. So, don't think Facebook is your friend. Don't think Facebook is optimising things for you. You need to not use presets and you need to learn how to use it yourself.

Daily Drive Sessions - IG Vs. FB

The Daily Drive Session - With Chris Lynton From In today's session I'll talk about two of the largest social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram and which one we recommend to use if you want to grow your business.

How To Position Yourself For An Online Fitness Business

In this video, Chris Lynton from takes you through how to position yourself better as a fitness business owner and how by doing this you can convert more sales and get higher prices for your products and services. Work on how you are unique and position yourself correctly to succeed.

The Shredz Scam

In this blog I will talk about the supplement company Shredz that has been talked about quite a lot lately. If you want to learn about what they did well and also, where they failed, press play below. I've also included a transcript of the audio for ease.

Expert vs. Generalist

In this blog I will talk about why you need to become an expert and why you don't want to be a generalist. I will also provide you with an analogy to explain the difference. If you want customers to chase you, and if you want to make more money, listen to this audio track. I've also included a transcript of the audio further down for your convenience.