How To Grow Your Instagram Following Quickly, Cheap & Safely

How To Grow Your Instagram Following Quickly, Cheap & Safely

Hello. It’s Chris Lynton here from

Today is all about the hot topic of Instagram growth and why it’s slowed down for many people in the past months and the new secret technique that all the experts are using to help grow their following fast, get more engagement and of course get more authority in the space.

So first of all, we’ll just start off quickly with why Instagram is an important platform at the moment.

- Instagram, much like Facebook used to be without getting too technical, anything you post, every single person that follows you will see it within their feed in some way, shape or form.

- Facebook used to be like that until algorithms came in place and anyone that had business within the space a couple of years ago, you would have seen the differences between then and now. In essence, Facebook, if you posted anything, everybody who followed you saw that. You got huge amount of reach, huge amount of growth and as a result of that large communication platform, very organic, very cheap. You would have got a huge amount of sales as well which has all changed.

- Instagram, on the other hand, has what we call a hundred percent organic reach currently. We’re talking about new algorithms coming into place and they are testing at the moment in certain countries but it’s going to be a thing that they’ll roll out quite slowly and be testing day to day, month to month and no doubt wont be rolling into the larger countries within the world anytime soon.

In addition to that, it will not go like it has for Facebook in terms of 2 to 5% reach organic currently for Facebook. Instagram will be a gradual thing so hence wide is a very important platform and it’s also a very widely used platform for target markets such as male and females, 20 and 30 year olds and especially in the health and fitness space as well.

So that’s why it’s important to get your following as large as possible. Get engaged as possible right now so you can take advantage of the 100% organic reach currently and then once you get your platforms large enough, you’ll be able to then springboard off those platforms for advertising in coming months and years when the algorithms do come into place and that will set you up really, really well.

Now, how to grow your platform.

A lot of people say that they had a lot of success way back you know, 6, 12, 24 months ago and grew very quickly and were wondering why now it’s so hard to grow. It’s because of something called the Popular Page.

Popular Page - If you were fairly popular in Instagram about a year or 2 ago, anything you did would go onto the Popular Page. As soon as you were on the Popular Page you would get, you know we had some accounts getting 5, 10 thousand new followers per day. Totally organic and with very, very limited work. Very, very easy. That no longer exists in the same format and hence why a lot of people’s growth is slowed and hence why this new technique, which I’m going to take you through today is so important and so powerful.

So, straight on to the number one secret technique that all experts are using in terms of growing a targeted following. Targeted following. What do I mean by that? Its no use having 5 year old boy and girls following you if you’re not selling products or services that are not targeting 5 year old boy or girls. If you are, as we expect, a fitness professional you’re looking at your target market whether it be male, female depending on what demographic or age that is and that’s what you need to break down and that’s who you want to target. Getting those people to follow you, engage with you will turn into clients and sales.

Having other people in countries that would never be into the services provided that you sell is an absolute waste of time. So, how to do that. I’ve shown a short video below.


If you get a minute please check that out and I’ll show exactly how to do it visually. But in essence what you want to do is:

- You want to find a close competitor. Someone in the space that has a similar target market or product or service that you sell. Someone in the market that’s big enough that’s doing well. Find them.

- Search them on Instagram.

- Click on their followers and in essence anyone that’s following them would most likely be interested in your products or services.

- What you want to then do is by clicking on their followers you’ll be able to then see all of the people that follow them. There will be some people that follow them just because they’re eye candy or other things. Their friends follow them or whatever it might be. But what you want to do is pick your target market. If it’s female say, 20 to 30 what you want to do is go through their followers and just click on any person you think is a female and ideally anyone that’s within that 20 to 30 target market.

- What you want to do then is follow every single person within that target market. Scroll down. Follow, follow, follow and each one that you follow, if it’s not locked go into their account, like one picture and make a comment on another picture.

- Now repeat, repeat, repeat, repeat. Keep doing that.

We advise not to do it any more than 2-hour blocks a day otherwise Instagram doesn’t get too happy and can start to impact your page, your profile. What you want to do is you want to repeat that on a daily basis and what you’ll find very, very quickly very, very straightforward you’ll be picking up 50, 200, 300 new followers per day and not only will they be following you, they’ll be engaging with your content which is very, very important.

They’ll go back and like your previous posts. They’ll like your current posts and that will then create a viral or virility to their friends as well. So if you do this and you put in the sweat equity of doing that then your page will grow exponentially and it will be a targeted follow growth. Which will then convert through to sales.

Obviously if you’ve got good content, you’re posting regularly that’s the most important part thereafter but this is the way to get people’s eyeballs and get them to reach across people you need.

There is an automated system for doing it but Instagram does not like 3rd party software or systems connecting to Instagram and that’s why this manual system is the most important. It’s the safest and it’s also the best and most targeted. The systems aren’t as logical as the human brain but once you have this down pat, it can be a good thing to implement on top of what you’re currently doing to try and fast track things again. They’re very cheap, they’re very straightforward. But what you want to do is start here first. Nail this manual format then once you’ve got this mastered then get in touch and we’ll take you through how to automate.

That’s it for today. I hope you took some good information from that and I hope you’ll implement that today and you’ll see your platform growing and everything going north which is what you need in your business. Anyways, I’ll speak to you soon. Bye for now.

Chris Lynton

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