Daily Drive Sessions - Instagram Hack: How To Get More Followers On Auto-Pilot

Daily Drive Sessions - Instagram Hack: How To Get More Followers On Auto-Pilot Chat with Chris Lynton, taking you through a little-known secret to getting more followers easily and cheaply on Instagram. Hands off and on auto pilot.

Hi there! It’s Chris Lynton from Welcome to today's daily drive session. Today I wanted to take you through a very powerful technique: "a way to grow your Instagram followers." A lot of the big people are using it at the moment. You need to use it carefully. You need to use it wisely. It can be dangerous but it is something that’s very powerful. Something that will increase your Instagram following that will also increase your engagement.

So that you won't to have for example 100,000 followers or 200,000 followers and probably getting a small amount of commenters and a small amount of likes that I can see on all of the pages out there. So, as I mentioned, I did a blog about it some time ago in regards to how to manually increase your Instagram followers, the right way to do it in terms of increasing your engagement and your community as well. And some it fit very powerful and will increase your sales and the amount of people and traffic coming to your site.

But, today I want to go through the automated, the easy way of doing it, the secret way of doing it and that is "Instagram Follower and Comment Apps." There is one that I have used and recommend and I can tell you that it’s safe. It hadn't got gotten any of the cancelled reviews with blocked or banned or have issues with it. It's one called "Instagress".  Like I said, there are many out there, Instagress is just one that we have utilised, we have tested, and we’ve tried. We used it on small accounts to start with because Instagram doesn’t like third party apps that they term as “bots” on any Instagram account because it’s not a real person.

Basically, Instagress or anything like that, a follower engagement bot, what it does is set up a schedule in your Instagram account and you can set it up, for example, going off a search term or a hashtag. For us, for example, we were using #fitness (hashtag fitness). What it does is that it finds other people that utilises hashtags within your community, within your networks. And then what it does is it follows those people and it also can comment or like those sort of people's content.

What that does, If you’ve watched that previous blog that talked about the manual way of doing it, in terms of what we term "Instagram Sniping", what it does is it creates an engagement within people that are following or interested in something that’s very similar to your topic, your space, and the community looking to build. For example, #fitness is just one example, a very broad one but ideally, you go a bit more niche. And what it does, it interacts with people who are interested in those things, in terms of liking them, commenting on their posts, or following them.

And then as a result, what it would do is that it’ll make those people be alerted to you, to your products, to your services, to your account and it will get people to check it out - what you do, your account, comment back, like things, check out what link you might have in your profile etc. It is very, very powerful.

As I mentioned, the manual way of doing it is the right way, and what is I guess deemed white hat and totally safe for Instagram but these bots, what they do is they try to mimic natural activities. For example, you can say I only want you to do an hour between 9 and 10am on Saturday, Wednesday, Friday and pick another time for different days. Also, you can set speed on how it does things, for example, it won't go and like a thousand different people’s posts in 10 minutes, it’ll go on for a little while and go off. It would only do it at a slow rate. Some you can do it in a faster rate but they are a bit more dangerous.

You can also set up comments like 50 different types of comments that you would generally use for content and it would be generally okay for content. Let us say, a thumbs up, an emoji or some comment like “I really like this”, “fantastic work”. It would randomly pick from those comments and use them to post on people’s contents throughout Instagram.

Why is it so powerful? One is that it stops you from having to manually doing it, it just works on auto-pilot and two, it works so well, not only for people following you back, but also engaging with people who currently follow you. You can set up to do that for people who are currently in your community.

Let's just say for example you get a 100,000 or 200,000 people. All of those people follow you, absolutely love you, love what you do, see you as an expert or an authority. For them for you to make a small comment on one of their contents, to follow them or to like a picture that they have done; whatever it is, that would make them feel fantastic, it will grow the connection between yourself and your community.

If you have a big community, you can’t manually go through people’s content day in and day out and trying to grow the relationship. It becomes very time-consuming and  very energy consuming. If you have a business and you have a higher yielding task, to do it can be quite a low yielding in comparison to for example doing a thousand dollar. It can be a low yielding task that you should be able to outsource. If you’re going to do it manually, you should be able to outsource to a very low cost per hour rate person but these “bots” are even cheaper.

Some good example you pay, let's say 50% per day and it would do it for X hours a day intermittently trying to make it look like a true human activity. When you use these things, you’ll don't only your followers go up; you’ll see a massive increase in engagement between new people who don’t know you, you count people who are following you and will continue to engage an incredible relationship and love you even more.

But also, people come to your website to see your products and services and you’ll see a massive increase spike in traffic, interesting people coming to see what you have to sell in terms of products, services and what value you're looking to give to people, you’ll see an instant increase in sales, revenue. As a result, your business will grow. All hands off.

As I mentioned, Instagress is just one example, I don't have any love for any different software. As I mentioned, we did some research, we checked out a few, but there're a couple of dodgy ones out there. Instagress is one that we've tested. We tested on small accounts to start with just to make sure we managed the risk and then we moved to larger account which we were comfortable with it. Anyways, Google it and check it out. Find one you believe that will work for you best if this is of interest to you.

Make sure you start with a low frequency , make sure you read the T&Cs in the software that will explain ways to make it very low risk and low issue in regards to getting up and running. One way to outsource, I guess one of those tedious manual things that can be very powerful to your business and something that people get bored of and although they know it’s very powerful, they don’t end up doing it day to day, day in, day out, and for hours.

If it’s something you’re interested in, I would suggest checking out the manual process, check out my previous blog and I’ll put a link to that within this blog post, you can check that out first. Know that, understand what you’re trying to do then good to go to an automated bot format because they would save your time, it would make do more activities rather than less because it is set. And It will work, in that not as ideal because it's not as targeted because you're going off in a search term, hashtags, etc. But it's the consistency that’s the key, it will grow everything for you; your engagement, your followers and your traffic more importantly. And as results, your sales will go up.

That’s all for me today! Just a real quick one on a very rainy, cold, as you can see, I am quite rugged up. Sydney. Wet weather coming to winter. Not fantastic but I wanted to shoot this quick video to give you guys some extra tools in the kit to grow your business. Use that wisely. Make sure you check all the specifics like I said. All the best and bye for now!

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