The PT Freedom Funnel - The Exact Proven 2-Step Funnel To Get Online Training Clients Fast

The PT Freedom Funnel - The Exact Proven 2-Step Funnel To Get Online Training Clients Fast

Chris Lynton from shows you the exact funnel Fitpro's around the world are using right now to get online clients on tap. This simple funnel will help any personal trainer get online clients today, through a simple 2-step funnel and 3 powerful traffic techniques.

Hi guys. Chris Lynton here from, and today I wanted to take you through a very simple, very basic sales funnel.

If you're a personal trainer--this is the perfect video for you if you're a personal trainer looking to get online clients, to get more stability around your income and get a little bit more freedom over your time – when you work and a bit more freedom in what your daily schedule looks like. I've been speaking with a lot of personal trainers in the last couple of weeks, and each and every one that I speak with has confusion around how to get online clients. They're looking to get online clients but it seems too tough, seems too difficult.

I guess each and every one of us has a different way or a different notion or thought on how they can get more online clients and as a result it gets too complicated and they never get around to doing it. This very simple two-step funnel which I'm about to show you or the PT freedom funnel is the most easiest basic thing to getting online personal clients. If you have this up and running, you can get online personal training clients in the next day, the next 24 hours.

We've got people who are literally - one of the guys I was speaking to last night he is in Japan on holidays with his daughter and has nothing but a laptop and an internet connection and he's picked up 18 online - high-paying, online personal training clients based in Australia. All he's doing with his laptop, doing it over Skype, doing it through emails, very simple, very, very straightforward.

So what I wanted to do is dispel some of the myths around people thinking that they needed to get ebooks, lead magnets, massive email sequences, trying to get a huge social media following, posting pictures and motivational quotes every single day at least, and up to 3 or 4 time a day. We've got other people thinking they need to create this huge email database, they need to be known before they can become an online trainer and get online clients.

I'd like to mention we've literally got people who don't even have a website, have hardly any social media following at all, and don't regularly post on social media, and they are constantly, constantly getting and picking up online - high-paying, online personal training clients all around the world. What I'm about to show you is how simple it is to earn a good income and get where most people want to get to in a very, very simple way. With this funnel, all you need is 24 online personal training clients - and that's one of the goals when we generally speak to people in terms of where they want to be and what they want to do with their life, 24 clients.

Using this funnel will generate you approximately $100,000.00 in income per year and you can do that working from anywhere you want, any time you want, and like I mentioned, all you really need is a laptop and an internet connection.

So let's get straight into it. It's a very, very simple, two-step process, and I'll get into it right away. In essence, this is what everyone that we train with, we work with, we coach, all of the businesses that PTs etcetera work with at the moment, this is the exact funnel that they are using. And we've got people earning 20, 30, up to 40 thousand dollars a month using this exact funnel, nothing more complex. So in essence, what you need is two very, very simple things. You need a sales page and you need an application page.

What does that actually mean?

A sales page is literally just a brochure page telling people about your services, what you do, who you help. If you don't have this, people can't find out specifically what you do, how you help, if it's for them and whether they're going to apply as well. So in essence, it's no good just to have Facebook ads, or have an email list or have a huge social medial following if you can't tell people what you do, who you focus on, the results you give people and then allow them to obviously reach out to you to become an online paying client.

So a high-converting sales page that talks about what you do, talks about the testimonials of people you've worked with and shows results and allows people - in essence, we hope, shows some proof of the  testimonials of people that are the exact same people that you're targeting, whether that be males, females, whether it be a certain age group, a certain sport, or a performance goal that they're looking for. Have people that are exactly the same as that and then all you need is a simple button on that for people to click and obviously submit their details if they're interested in finding out more. Once they do that, what we do is we send them to what's called an application page.

For the application (questionnaire) page, basically all you need to do is ask about 6 to 8 different questions; those questions are you know, what's your goal, what have you done before, and why haven't you been able to succeed. Ask some specifics around their age, their gender, and find out whether that person is the exact fit for the type of client that you want. Some other important questions to ask is around - you know, financial questions. Are they ready to invest in themselves to get results? And the final question you want to ask is how soon, or in what time frame are they looking to get those results?

There'll be some people who come through this funnel that are just tag-clickers and then those sort of questions what they do is just filter out people that are just researching, potentially looking for a result or an online personal trainer in 6, 12 months time or they're not really that committed at all. Additionally, what you're able to find out is if a person is able to pay for your services as well, so we have an important question in there. Once you work out what you're going to charge, it's good to ask the question 'Are you financially ready and able to commit x dollars per week for these services or for someone to give you those results?'

By asking those questions, you know who they are, whether they fit your criteria, whether they have the finances to employ you as their online trainer and then also the time frame they're looking to get results. If it's in years or months to come, it's obviously a waste of time, but if it's someone that's looking to get those results right here, right now, obviously that person is a hot lead and someone you want to get in contact straight away. In addition to that, you ask for their email address, and you ask for their phone number. By getting people to go through this and commit to all of that, you know that they're serious, you know more about their details and specifics, the results they're looking for, their pain points as well and whether you'll be the right fit for them in terms of solving their problem and being a perfect fit.

After that there's only two things you need to do. You can either close them through a simple email saying 'Hey, Chris here.  Thanks for sending through your application. You mentioned that you were looking to tone up around your midsection and get bigger shoulders in the next 6 or 12 weeks, etcetera, etcetera. What I do, is I help by x, y, z; here's some examples of people I've helped just like you and here are my packages and prices. If it interests you, come back to me.'

You can go that path or the other path which is always the slightly higher converting format. Some people prefer to go to the email rather than the phone. The phone is by far the higher converting if you are able to do it, if you are confident on the phone. Basically, it's not a sales call, don't be afraid, a lot of people are scared of sales calls, but doing this funnel, what you're literally doing is you're saying 'Hey, I've got some openings for online clients, people who are interested please come through to here, find out if you're a fit for what I do. If you are, put through your details and they are actually--the reason why we named the application page, they are actually putting in an application to you to see whether you want to work with them.

So it's not a sales call, it's not a used car salesman trying to get on the phone and pitching sleazy tactics and pushing people into things that they don't really want. Literally, there's no cold calling in this. The only people's details you get are people who know what you do , know who you are, know how you help and they will only put through their details if they believe it's a perfect fit. You then get on the call, you have a quick conversation, five or ten minutes; learn about what they're looking to do, tell them about what you do and then if there's a fit, fantastic, you've picked up an online client. Really, really simple and straightforward.

So in terms of the sales funnel, you don't need anything more than that to make upwards of, as I mentioned before, north of 40, 50 thousand dollars a month. It's absolutely huge, and as I mentioned, most people are happy targeting around 24 clients which can equal approximately one hundred grand a year if you're charging them the rightful amount. That's as simple as that from a sales funnel perspective , but then you're probably asking 'Chris, how do I get people through that?' There's three simple yet powerful techniques that we use to funnel people through this process and have them pop out at the end in terms of getting on a call or through emails in terms of turning them into online training clients.

Three formats you need to get through this stage. First and foremost is Facebook. Facebook, Instagram, very, powerful, allows you to target specifically the type of person that you're wanting to reach out to. As I mentioned before, if for example, I was targeting middle-aged men who are looking to lose a bit of weight around the midsection and become a bit leaner, get a bit more energy, whatever it might be, and that was all on my sales page, that was my testimonials, Facebook and Instagram advertising would allow me to go 'Hey, I'm thinking it's hard if people in - say Australia or whatever country you want to target within - I'm only going to target males, I'm only going to target men that are 30 to 45 years old and really focus and narrow it down so only people that would be interested in what you do would ever find that page.

Secondly, another very powerful technique if you're not that strong, you don't have that much knowledge around Facebook and Instagram or potentially you're a little bit scared of spending advertising to start with, if you have a list of people, an email list whether they were previous clients, previous leads that contacted you or anything, what we recommend, people, the simplest, easiest way, grab your laptop, grab your computer  and literally go through past few years.

If you've been a personal trainer for a couple years, you will be able to pull together an email spreadsheet of names, email addresses. Put that together. If you can get 50 people on an email list through previous contacts, previous clients, whatever it might be, make sure you do the digging, get that and you can send them an email saying Hey, it's Chris here, I've just started taking on online personal training clients, I'd love you to find me, if you're interested in it, if you're a middle-aged man interested in x, y, z, then make sure you click her and find out more about what I'm doing, my special packages or whatever it may be - and then they go through the path.

The other format is, as I mentioned before, if you have - you don't need to have a massive, massive list, like I mentioned before, 24 people is all it takes. There are millions, literally millions and millions of people around the world and if you just target your local area, you just target Australia, you target America, etcetera, etcetera, 24 people is all it takes. And don't get scared, don't think that you need to have a hundred thousand strong Instagram followers with massive engagement etcetera etcetera. It is not necessary. Facebook, Instagram, posting on them, what you're doing, giving the link to your sales page and they just push all the way through.

Those three powerful techniques are all you need to get the right type of people through your funnel, the most simplest funnel you'll ever see. There's no need for ebooks, designing, paying for this, spending months and months building up your social media. This will get you online clients. 24 is all it takes for most people's goals to round about $100,000.00 a year. And you can literally do that anywhere, any time, have more time, freedom, have more freedom round where you work, where you live, and obviously have a much more stable income.  

Out of these three powerful techniques of getting the right traffic through to your funnel, The Facebook and Instagram advertising is by far the most powerful. The reason why I say is because literally it allows you to target millions and millions of people. So it doesn't matter whether you live in a country town that doesn't have that many people and as a result you don't have that many clients to fish from. It literally allows you to target millions and millions and millions of people worldwide. The other really powerful thing about that is that it's literally like a tap.

When you want clients, all you have to do is go in, once you've got it all set up, all you have to do is go and click on. And all of a sudden the ads will start, all of a sudden it will start pushing through here and you'll get notifications of people's email addresses, phone numbers, and you'll be able to close them into online clients. As soon as you're full, or as soon as you don't want any more clients, for whatever reason, you might be going on holidays, and even though it's really, really easy to, you just go, I've got to have some time off or whatever it might be, click once again, it's off. Soon as you want some more clients, click on again, going through the funnel, getting clients, very, very simple.

That is why it is the most hands-off process in comparison to email or Facebook organic and that's why I continue to tell people, building up Instagram followings, Facebook followings, all of those things, spending months and months doing it, posting 2, 3 times a day, it is not the be all and end all, it is not necessary. If you have your Facebook ads up and running, you don't even need a social media following, you don't even need social media pages. You don't need websites, it's literally click on, click off. You'll get people pushing through this funnel, you get them popping out at the end and then you'll only be in contact with people that know who you are, know what you do, and know that they potentially are looking for the exact services and benefits that you can provide. So this is the PT Freedom Funnel.

The PT Freedom Funnel

The PT Freedom Funnel

As I mentioned, don't think you need anything more complex or complicated than that if you're looking to get online training clients. If you're a personal trainer and sick of face-to-face training, or you're looking just to have a mix between the two, this is all you'll ever need to get online clients. So if you're a personal trainer, you're sick of the face-to-face, you're sick of doing the early mornings, the late nights, sticking around the gym while the clients cancel, sessions 2 or 3 hours apart but not wanting to or able to go home, to just have to sit around the gym, etcetera, etcetera - if you're wanting to get online clients, to have more freedom around your time, freedom around when you work, and also not worry about winter, summer, the ups and downs, people getting colds and cancelling, all that sort of stuff, you can target clients worldwide if you can set them up on a direct debit format where you're giving them online training services.

You'll be able to charge more for your time, be paid what you're worth, and you'll be able to do it at the time that suits you, any time of the day. And you'll be able to do that anywhere around the world so you won't have to live right next to your gym or whatever it might be. So, anyone that says they're training and they're sick of face-to-face training or they would like to go to online training, and they still feel like they can't do it, or making up excuses why they can't do it, then this is all you need, there is no other reason why you can't get online clients.

And I hope that you put that into your business today and push towards getting online clients. If you need any help or you've got any questions about what I've gone through today, reach out, email me [email protected] or pm me on Facebook or Instagram. I'll be more than happy to help.

What I'm offering at the moment is a five-minute free strategy session. Call, if you reach out and you want to go through exactly your situation and how this system could be set up for you, you might be thinking about exact specifics to do that or that or how to write an email or not ready for Facebook, whatever it might be, if you don't exactly know what to do, make sure you reach out. We'll jump on a quick call and work through exactly how to get that set up for you. Get it pumping, and literally like I said, within 24 hours, you could be having high-paying, online PT clients all around the world, looking to you as the expert that you are, looking to you for the benefits, the results that they're looking to get.

That's it from me today. I look forward to hopefully speaking to you soon.

Bye for now. 

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