Proven Way To Get Online Training Clients w/ Social Media With $0 Advertising

Proven Way To Get Online Training Clients w/ Social Media With $0 Advertising

The proven way our coaches use to get their first handful of online personal training clients with little to no advertising budget. Use this proven template and get clients fast and easy today.

Hi there, it's Chris Lynton from, and today's video is all about social media and how to use social media to get online training clients for you fast with zero advertising budget and zero advertising dollars. No need for any IT or technical expertise; it's really simple, straightforward, and it's a proven structure that we give to every one of the people we work with to help them generate online clients fast, quickly, and easily.

This one method, this singular method, has generated literally hundreds of online personal training clients for the people we work with, and the one example you probably come in to see this video from, she was able to generate forty-seven online training clients inquiries and able to convert about 80% of them into high-paying online training clients. She had a slightly more sophisticated sales funnel, which we'll get into in a sec, but there's no need for that to start with. And if you're just looking to get a handful of online clients, get up and running, do it fast for zero advertising dollars, and just kick off and get the ball rolling, then this is perfect for you.

So, we'll get straight into it. The most important thing with social media is your messaging. It is not helpful just posting stuff that's not relevant, it's not exciting, it's not going to want people to engage or reach out to you to try and get them to be an online personal training client of yours. So, first and foremost, what I'm going to go through is this structure of what a good reach-out post would look like, but then also, as I mentioned, we've also got an attachment with this video. If you download that attachment, it'll give you a really good formula to use. Just fill in the blanks and then obviously use that to post for yourself, and you will start generating online clients straightaway.

This is for social media, and the reason why we use social media is because you have an audience - a free audience of people you can reach out to. Obviously with advertising dollars doing strategically and having databases, you can have a much bigger reach and a much bigger pool to fish from, but this is just a quick, easy way to get the ball rolling for yourself and do it in a quick, fast way with very limited funding or advertising dollars required behind it, as mentioned.

So, first and foremost, what every piece of social media outreach in regards to getting clients needs is a really good hook. The hook in essence is about what you would do for a client. So, you've got to think to yourself, what do you specialising in doing? What's the actual benefit you give people? You don't just say, "Hey, I'm looking for online personal training clients - contact me if you want to be my client," you have to talk about why you are someone that could potentially be of interest for someone. So, for example, I specialise in helping women twenty to thirty years old who are looking to reduce the cellulite in their hips and thighs. As an example of a hook, you can talk about a benefit, you gotta talk about what they're going to get from it, not just all about yourself. Think about a hook.

You also need to think about scarcity. Scarcity basically means that you're not just leaving it open forever and that there's a limited amount of spots available. So, what that does is it makes people take action then and there rather than thinking, "Oh, I'll think about it next week or think about it next month. This person's always going to be there." So, what we strongly recommend is always saying something like, "I'm opening the doors for three-- or I've got an opening for three online training clients at the moment, first come, first serve," blah, blah, blah, and then with that scarcity, what it does is it makes people take action then and there, because they think they're going to miss out.

And time close. A time close is very similar to scarcity, but basically, you might say, "I'm only doing it for the next twenty-four hours," rather than a number, a limited amount as well. So, you can use either two of those interchangeably.

And a special bonus. Special bonus, usually when you're launching, I would strongly suggest coming out with something as strong as you can; you want to throw the kitchen sink at this. So, a special bonus might be you're even giving away a free gift like a PDF or a training, or the most easy, simplest, and most exciting for a client is a special discount. So, "I've only just started online training, I've got three openings, I'm going to take on three people, and for the first three people that get in, I'm giving 20 or 30% off as an opening special or bonus."

So, hook, scarcity, time close, special bonus, and the strongest component you could use in a post - we don't tell everybody to do this, but if you are happy and open to doing this, you'll get a much better result - is a guarantee. Online personal training people, if they don't know you, they might be more comfortable seeing someone face to face. They might feel more comfortable rather than speaking to someone new over the internet or transacting over the internet is a guarantee. A guarantee is something very, very strong and it takes away that fear of that risk that someone might have before jumping on being a client. What I mean by that is if you say, "I guarantee my services -- I guarantee you will see a result if you follow my plan and what I outline for you. If you follow it step by step and you don’t see the results that you're wanting, then there's a 100% money back guarantee," or something like that. And as we all know, if you actually truly are a personal trainer, if you actually know what you're doing and you can put together a good program for someone, fantastic. If you can't, you shouldn't be getting online training clients anyway. If you can and the client follows it, they'll see results; everything will be good. If they don't follow it, it's their own fault, and obviously that can't be put on yourself in terms of money back guarantee, but it's a really, really strong component.

They're the key things that are necessary for a social media outreach post. Like I said, download the link, cut and paste that, post that, fill in the blanks, and try and think about yourself in this aspect in terms of having that, or testing your own copy thereafter. What we haven't included in the post is really about what to charge people, having the right funnel to-- so , rather than just doing posts and asking for them to email you, generally you then have to go back for the information and you're not seeing yourself in the best light, you'll generally only be able to charge a lower price that if you had, for example, a high performing sales page, sales funnel, et cetera, but I can't go into that today.

Obviously once they come through, you need to then close that inquiry into a client. Ideally you have a high performing proven sales script, and if you need anything like that, just reach out to us and let us know and we'll be happy to send it to you. Servicing is obviously an important component: what you're going to offer, how you're going to service that client, but it's all pretty straightforward. Once again, if you are a personal trainer, you've been doing it for some time, it is just a reflection of what you would do. In essence, we sell on face to face, so it should be pretty straightforward.

And the final component is upselling. Upselling is a very, very important component if you're looking to make a good earning through online training clients. If you just get someone in and then they train with you for six, eight, twelve weeks and then they drop off, then you've got to find a new client. It's all about upselling people, so they might come in on a smaller package and then you can offer them more as they go along, so you turn them into a higher yielding client, but then also re-signing them once their component or their program's coming up so you keep them on. So, instead of having one client to finish and then needing to get another client, you have that one client continue on, you get the next client, all of a sudden you've got two clients. Do multiples and multiples of that and all of a sudden you're making really good earnings from online training clients.

So, hopefully that helps you today. Like I said, download the attachment, use that, keep this in mind when you're using that proven template or scripting it slightly different for yourself. The guarantee's a very powerful one; I recommend using it. It's not within the template, but if you're open to using it, try it, and let us know how you go.  Email me at [email protected] Look forward to speaking to you soon. Bye for now.

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