Daily Drive Sessions - IG Vs. FB

Daily Drive Sessions - IG Vs. FB

The Daily Drive Session - With Chris Lynton From In today's session I'll talk about two of the largest social media platforms.

Good day. It's Chris Lynton here from and welcome to the 'Daily Drive Sessions'. I wanted to take you through a quick thing on Instagram and Facebook. A lot of people talk about Facebook and Instagram and advertising and the power of the two platforms and how they differ. And some people have preferences; one or the other and I guess today, I wanted to take you through the real facts, the real data of things we've been able to do as I drive into the office. An absolutely beautiful day in Sydney today. It's supposed to wind up pretty soon and it's twenty-eight degrees today. I went from a big swim earlier and on to the office for a big day ah

But, on to the topic ahead: Instagram versus Facebook. So, Instagram at the moment for most people is, I guess is the most popular platform out of the two: Facebook and Instagram. I guess it's a bit newer. It's got a younger demographic. And Facebook -- Instagram is what Facebook used to be for most people. It's a younger demographic. It's a bit cooler but as we all know, Facebook has recently acquired, or not recently, a couple of years ago, acquired Instagram and as a result, things in Instagram have started to change and become much more like Facebook. Because they're trying to generate revenue from the platform.

The main reason why Facebook acquired Instagram and paid a pretty, pretty penny and paid a lot of money for it was because they know Facebook was getting bummer, boring and dull, attracting an older audience and your mums, your dads, rather than the younger kids and young twenties. Where is -- Instagram, on the other hand, with the exact opposite, is what Facebook used to be before the mums and the older people started getting attracted to it and became lesser cool.

So, anyways, Instagram as it stands for most people, if you speak to most people, they talk about Instagram, following some people that we work with, some fitness professionals don't even have a Facebook business account or page, don't even worry about that. All they worry about is Instagram and the posting in Instagram post and believe it, that's good enough. I guess, today, what I wanna do is take you through some real data, some real specifics on why some people are still on Facebook, why some people believe that Instagram is a better one, which one is actually better for your business in terms of generating sales and clients and generating revenue for yourself and getting yourself, I guess, out of that day-to-day, face to face and personal training business where obviously we all are trying to go online.

So, a couple of years ago, when we were working with Emily Skye, working very closely with Emily Skye about a year and a half ago when we first started. Facebook and Instagram, Instagram was starting to take off this around the times with Kayla Itsines and Emily Skye’s started to take off on Instagram and the algorithms were very difficult. It was very easy to grow, very quickly on Instagram and Facebook was starting to become uncool. If you look at Kayla Itsines’ in the early days, she only had an Instagram account where Emily Skye was much more focused on Facebook versus Instagram and it was the main reason for the two. Emily Skye's business started off with a very, very strong Facebook anchor, had a great following and was doing much of advertising to it and being, for most, accessible throughout. But at the same time, Instagram was starting to take off and everyone was seeing it as the shiny new toy and everybody started moving towards Instagram and getting away from Facebook because you didn't need to pay or advertise to reach people, it didn’t have algorithms etc. Everything we did when we tested the two platforms, every time that we thought, "Oh, we'll push away from Facebook and move towards Instagram.", every time we tested all of the traffic, all the sales, between having two unique links on either platforms, Facebook hands down every single time beat Instagram in terms of bringing people to your site and actually turning them into paying customers.

Most recently, we spent probably around a hundred thousand dollars on Facebook advertising and most recently, most of you probably know, after Facebook acquired Instagram, they integrated Instagram into the Facebook advertising platform. So it's very, very easy to advertise and act out on Instagram now. It's quite targeted. It's pretty much as good as Facebook but in terms of the target ability and the usability, the ease of advertising on this well, as I mentioned, we spent probably a hundred fifty thousand on Instagram advertising over the past handful of months versus -- And what we're trying to do is find hands down some true data on what's the dollar comparison from Facebook to Instagram and try and give us some information on where to advertise and which one to get behind.

So, as I mentioned, we spent a truck-load of money on Instagram advertising and what we do is we split tested Facebook advertising to the exact same people and Instagram advertising to the exact same people. We spent dollar for dollar on campaigns and tracked back which ones bought back the biggest revenue and customer sales, etc., etc. After about a month of testing, and like I was saying, spent a truck-load of money doing that and getting a lot of and that concise data, it turned out Facebook -- every ad that Facebook did, if we've spent a hundred dollars on Facebook and a hundred dollars on Instagram as an example, Facebook returned four times as much revenue sales, customers as Instagram did. Every time we tested it, whether it be a different ad, a different customer, a different account, every single time, it was around about that four times stronger, better in terms of performance. And it related back to when we were testing it from an organic perspective on how what we saw from just posting Facebook, Instagram and the amount of traffic Instagram would generate with a very little amount of revenue was generating.

As a result, most of those businesses in the early days, like with Kayla Itsines, Emily Skye etc., they all started to build a bigger Facebook following using that as a fairly strong lead anchor. And if you bring that forth today with the new advertising component of Instagram, I guess the takeaway message from today is, if you're going to put energy to Instagram, you will get four times, three to four times of return on Facebook advertising as you would on Instagram.

If you're ever going to spend money on advertising, we strongly, strongly suggest you start with Facebook advertising versus Instagram. The reason why we believe, I guess after giving the data and seeing the results and seeing the real truth behind it and seeing the specifics, I guess if you think about it, Instagram is more of a platform that's almost a window-shopping platform where people are there to scroll quickly, consume content quickly and move on to the next thing. And where Facebook is more of a hub where people are happy to stay, communicate, chat, seeing what their friends are doing and more or less, find their way into things that connect with them, resonate with them, with the advertising or really great content.

So, the takeaway from today is hands down, Facebook advertising will always outperform Instagram advertising. If you have a limited budget, if you're just starting out, always start with Facebook first. Only go to Instagram once you got your Facebook advertising capping out. You can't grow it any further, you can't spend any more or you have a community that you can no longer reach just on Facebook, you're looking to reach just on Instagram. It's a secondary one by far, and also if you're looking to grow your following, your larger community, etc., etc. choose one platform to do it.

The reason Instagram algorithm changes or with now, you do not reach a hundred percent of all your followers, we recommend stop wasting your money on shout outs on Instagram to try and get more followers because it's not only going to perform four times less than Facebook in terms of communication, advertising but also right now, the thing that used to help Instagram is you have that hundred percent organic reach every time you're posting it. Everybody of your community follow and saw it, is what I meant by that. The new algorithm now is reduced that to very much like Facebook and will continue to do that. So just having a business, focus around doing shout outs, do everything you can just try and grow your Instagram following. If that was your business in the past, get ready for your revenue to be dropping, your sales to be dropping, your customers to be dropping. Focus first and foremost on Facebook, Facebook advertising, getting a good following in place and making sure, you're testing things. Get them sold there first before replicating out on Instagram.

How do you do that? Facebook is trying to make you spend money on both platforms and trying to spend as much money with them as much as possible. When you set up a Facebook ad, it will auto-choose to show across Instagram as well as Facebook. Turn that off. Make sure you turn that off, otherwise you're wasting a lot of money, a lot of dollars, where it could be spent elsewhere to benefit  and build your business.

So anyways, hopefully, that helps I guess, dispel a couple of myths between Facebook and Instagram. Yes, Instagram right now is, I guess, cooler and trendier and if you're looking for brand affiliations and whatnot, that's what they generally look for how big your Instagram following is but at the end of the day, if you're looking to build a business, one way you can generate six to seven figures, hands-off, automated, live the life that you want to live, then making sure you have a solid foundation on Facebook is the key. And if you neglect that, you'll start to feel the pain at the coming weeks, months, etc. as Instagram continue to tighten up their algorithm and roll out all the things just like Facebook did back in the day.

So, hopefully, that helps if you're confused between the two and where you should be spending your majority of the time. Hopefully that helps narrow the focus and I’m just about near the office now, so, hopefully, the information was good, helps you along in the future and if that can help you avoid the pain in the weeks and months ahead of you're going, 'God I had a great business selling, lots of products, getting lots of customers and clients. Everything was focused very on Instagram. What the hell happened?' Well, make sure you've met this stuff today. Get a strong focus on Facebook. Make sure you get a strong Facebook advertising campaign in place and then that will bulletproof you for future growth and take them to the next level in the future.

Speak to you real soon. Have a great day. Bye for now. 

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