Do You Have A Business Or Job In Disguise?

Do You Have A Business Or Job In Disguise? Chris Lynton take us through the aspect of having a business or having a job in disguise as a Personal Trainer. Many PT's get into personal training to be their own boss and have freedom but find that they have a 'job in disguise'. Learn how to get more freedom and earn more as an online personal trainer.

Good day it's Chris Lynton here from and I'm speaking to you today from St Berths in the French Caribbean. It's an absolutely lovely spot. I'm at my hotel and I'm just walking out of the water to show you the view. Absolutely beautiful place, the weather is fantastic and I guess today I want to speak you about a real short topic that's very top of the mind and that being that thing of having a business or having a job. I guess many people believe there are business owners and think they have a great business and are investing in things and what they don't know is they actually a job in disguise as a business.

Some might be business owners. They might have a registered business. They might have an ABN. They might be paying taxes and whatnot as a business but in fact, they never get off. They never actually earn anything setup in a way that if you're a business owner -- you're earning money while you are sleeping. You've got things that are working for you that are actually earning money for you rather than only getting paid when you are doing work.

So I guess the easy way to ask you yourself the question to find out whether you have a job in disguise or you are a business owner. And that is to ask yourself "When was the last time you went on holidays?" If you are a business owner you should be able to go on holiday and get paid while you are not working.  

You should be able to earn the same amount if not more while not working and not only getting money when you're punching the clock.  If you only earn money and you're unable to have a holiday, otherwise you're scared you will not be able to pay bills,  you would not be able to earn anything then, in fact, you have a job in a disguise of a business.

The key to I guess to a fulfilment in your life and being up to have a bit of freedom which is what we're all looking for to be able to go away, to enjoy your time, still be able to pay the bills and get paid at the same time while you're resting while you're relaxing.  The key to that is having a business. Setting up a business that can earn you money while you sleep and not always while you're working.  And that is the key to stepping away from one-on-one personal training and setting up an online training business.  That allows you to work from anywhere, anytime you want and in fact earn money when you're not just in the gym working out with someone one-on-one. 

You're not getting paid just for those hours you're training someone. In fact, you're earning money whenever you're doing whatever you want to do. So I guess ask yourself when you were first setting up your business and looking for the freedom and the joy of having a business -- being a business, did you think that you'd never be able to go on holidays? How often have you gone on holidays in the past year or two? And it's a very valid question. 

If you're scared to go on holidays as we speak to a lot of personal trainers business owners who are scared to go on holidays. Haven't been on holidays for the last two or three years because they are scared they won't be able to pay the bills.

And if they are not there training their clients they are not earning money. The key to that is building a successful leverageable business and online training is one of the fantastic ways to do that and it allows you to travel. It allows you to earn more than a face-to-face one-on-one personal trainer ever could. It allows you to have the freedom to be able to enjoy your life and get what you want. 

So just a quick one from me today and I guess it's a very valid question to ask yourself. Do you, in fact, have a job in a disguise of a business.  Do you have the stress of being a business owner not knowing what you're going to earn that month and not having the joys of being a business owner? All of the downsides of being a business owner is what someone when they're a business owner they, in fact, have a job in disguise as a business. So ask yourself that question. 

Ask yourself how often have you gone away. I like to organise two three absolute minimum holidays per year and I, in fact, earn while I'm having away. Earn while I'm having a beer on the beach which I'm about to have and be able to have that freedom and enjoyment to travel the world and see beautiful places such as St. Berths. We're here and it's about to be sunset fantastic place St. Berths French Caribbean. 

That's all from me today.  Make sure you ask yourself that question and if you haven't had a holiday in the last year or two. If you've had the fear of going away because you want to pay your bills then it's time to ask the question.  Is it really the business you want to be in?  And is it really the long term sustainable thing that you built or you wanted to build in the first place to give yourself the freedom to be able to enjoy your life. Anyway, that is all from me today. I'll speak to you real soon by for now. 

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