Daily Drive Sessions - How To Overcome The 'Fear Of Failure'

Daily Drive Sessions - How To Overcome The 'Fear Of Failure'

G’day! Today I wanted to quickly talk to you about something that kills all business and something that needs to be had to have a successful business whether it be an online business or a physical business. I’m just on my way to driving into the office, it’s a cracker of a morning, you may see the beach as we drive past. It’s absolutely beautiful, super blue skies, but I wanted to take this time, on the way into the office, just to take you through an aspect that came top of mind just this last night. Someone sent me something, had a look at it this morning, and, yeah, I thought it’d be a perfect topic to take you through today.

So anyway, what I wanted to talk to you about today as we’re driving to the office is what is called “the fear of failure.” The fear of failure is actually what kills businesses, not the activities within businesses or mistakes people make, but it’s the fear of failure predominantly that kills businesses and makes businesses not successful.

Now, as I mentioned, I came across something last night, watched it this morning, I’m going to put it on this blog, I suggest you watch this video, it’s absolutely fantastic. But a concept that it talks about, it’s really inspiring, really motivating. A concept it talks about is a concept of when people were on their deathbed, they did a survey, they asked people and they asked them what was the one thing that they regretted the most in their life? And surprisingly, the majority of people said it’s not the things they’d regretted that they’d done, they most regret the things that they never did.

And that’s a pretty powerful statement and I think it’s pretty true for most people. It’s not the regret of something you did and that you messed up and you didn’t do it correctly, it’s more the things you never, ever got around to doing, the things that you were too scared to do, and in essence, I guess, the true dreams and realities that you wanted to achieve in your life but you never did because you were too scared of the fear of failure.

Fear of failure is a massive, massive thing for a lot of people and business is just as much an activity and a smarts thing and what you do, but it is just as much what goes on in between the six inches in between your ears and your brain and your mind that can- You could have the best business, you could have the best business model, you can have the best product, but if you have fear of failure or you question yourself or you don’t have confidence or absolute belief in yourself, it’s very, very difficult to get other people to believe in you, to sell your services and to see you as a true expert.

And also to take the risks that are necessary to get the rewards. We always talk about risk versus reward. If you never take any risks, you’ll never get any reward and it’s- Every question or every action you take in business, whenever you’re thinking ‘should I do something, should I not do something,’ it’s about weighing up just like a gambler would do or a stockbroker would do, it’s all about weighing up your risk versus reward. Is the risk higher than the reward? Great, don’t move on it, make smart decisions. But if the risk is managed and the reward is very high, sometimes you just have to jump and back yourself, have the absolute belief that you can achieve anything you want to achieve, and push forward.

It’s those people who sit on the fence and never actually do anything that as a result never achieve their dreams, never realize their true potential, and as per this video, like a I said make sure you check it out, they said that the number one thing people regretted in life were the things that they never actually did, they were too scared to do.

So, in terms of fear of failure, there’s a great term that many of the great motivational speakers talk about and it’s about, feel the fear but do it anyway. There’s going to be things in life that’ll scare you always, there’s always going to be things in life that are scary, and it’s always the big things. The fear of doing the big things. You can sit in your comfort zone and just relax and chug along and have a normal, mediocre life, but it’s not until you push yourself outside these boundaries that you can really see what you’re capable of and really break the mold and have the life, you know, the dream life, the dream business… You know, happiness in life, financial happiness, whether it be in relationships, all of those things. The fear of failing is what keeps most people from actually achieving them.

So, what I wanted to do was talk about that today, fear of failure, massive thing, feel the fear but do it anyway, and another key, important component is failing forward. It may sound like a weird concept but all of the hugely successful people in the world, you may have heard it a thousand times, people say, you know, Richard Branson and all the multi-millionaires and billionaires in the world, they all went bankrupt, once, twice, failed a business numerous times.

And if you look at those people and you try to take the learnings from what they’ve done is they have no fear, they have absolute belief in everything they do. And as a result, they do more things, they do them larger, they do them with full focus, and they’re not sitting on the fence. They do it completely, one hundred percent with their heart, and they go full-steam ahead of things. As a result, you know, sometimes people fail. But you know what? Sometimes people succeed and that’s when you can have success on a much larger scale, rather than never pushing yourself outside of your boundaries. So the aspects of failing forward is if you sit still and you never tackle any of your fears or really push yourself outside the boundaries, low and behold, you’ll sit still. You’ll never, ever move forward. You’ll always be looking in the revision mirror, always looking behind you, looking after something, fearful of what might happen and living in the past, never really living in the present and pushing forward.

Failing forward- that concept is about, if you fall over, towards your goal, if you’re on the journey towards your goal, as long as you fall over but you fall over forward, you’re that little bit closer towards your goal. If you fail a hundred times, but you’re failing forward, you’re actually getting closer and closer and closer to success and your dream and your goal. If you never, ever fail and you just sat there, you’re always going to stay just as far away from your success, achieving your goals and achieving what you want in life as well.

So, it’s a weird concept. You know, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, they all have famous quotes, the one being, I think it was Thomas Edison, every time he failed he didn’t see it as a failure, he saw it as one step closer to succeeding, because he knew that he had a hundred different options of making the light glow. And each time he tried something and it failed, he actually crossed that off the list and knew he was one step closer to finding the right route to obviously the successes and the huge innovations that he did that have taken the world forward.

So if you look at it that way, if you give yourself a plan, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got ten things and you don’t really know which one is going to be the successful one. Just try. Fail forward, fail fast, and cross them off your list and, low and behold, you will either, on the first go, hit gold and get the success for one out of the ten, or alternatively, you might fail nine times. If you fail fast, you don’t do it over months and months, and you do it smartly, so you don’t, you know, obviously go bankrupt or invest too much into each time, after nine times failing, you will find the golden nugget, you will find the true path to success for yourself, and you’ll be on your way in a massive, massive, massive aspect.

For most of the people, they’ll sit there and have that pen on the paper, every day, every year, for the rest of their lives, and never, ever get that one step closer to actually realising their true potential and their goals.

So, hopefully that helps you with a bit of motivation of, if you’re in a place where you’re not quite sure how to move forward, you’re a bit on the fence, you know what you want deep down inside, every day you’re yearning, yearning to get to that goal, that dream lifestyle, that dream business that you truly want, to realise your true potential, but you’re too scared to do it, hopefully this video has helped you. I do strongly recommend going down below, check out the video also that I was talking about earlier. It’s very, very powerful. Have a watch at it. Hopefully, you can take some inspiration from it as well.

And I know some people who have motivational videos like that that resonate really with them and watch it every single morning. It’s one of their habits. They get into work, they watch their video that resonates with them for the first five minutes of the day. And what that does is it juices them up, it gives them the energy to push forward, to break through the boundaries, and really push forward to their goals.

So, I hope you’ve taken what you can from this video. Check out the video below and have a fantastic day, I’ll be speaking to you soon.

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