Daily Drive Sessions - The Key To Cutting Through The Crowd

Daily Drive Sessions - The Key To Cutting Through The Crowd

Okay, it’s Chris here from I wanted to take you through some information or a bit of a story about what happened yesterday. I’m on my way into work, I’m taking the shortcut today so not taking the long road, should be a pretty short video, so I thought I’d take the short route to the office, so we’re not too far away now. 

Anyways, I wanted to take you through a story. I met with a client yesterday, a really awesome client. Achieving some big, big things, she’s fantastic, she’s an expert in this space, and you know, we’ve only recently started working together and she’s going to be doing very, very big things.

But what I wanted to do was talk about, you know, I use that as an example today, and something that resonated pretty powerfully with me yesterday in the meeting was, we’re taking her through her positioning, really trying to find her unique niche, aspect, area in the market, where she can truly, truly dominate. She’s an expert, she’s been in the space for a long time, very well-known, had many, many high-paying clients.

But over the past week, we’ve been taking her through the positioning of who she is, who her true customers are, and who she should be targeting, really zoning in on people so that they’d be happy to pay her an even higher price so she’ll be able to close easier, etcetera.

One of the things that she’s obviously looking to do, and that’s what we said, if you nail your market, you know who you’re speaking to, it’s much easier to close. You can reach through to them in a message that will stand out from the crowd and really make you unique in this space. So we gave her some homework in terms of looking at, you know, who her customer avatar is, who her ideal client is, what her key successes or skillsets are.

And after doing the work, she came in, we reviewed it with her, and she’s, you know, a true expert in the space, she knows everything hands down, but one of the funny lines that she mentioned yesterday was, we questioned her about the work she did for an avatar and we’re really trying to narrow and focus down on who that is. And yeah, she said to us, ‘I never knew it would be this difficult to do this work.’

And the most important part is nailing who you are and who you’re speaking to and who you’re targeting. It is, you know- It’s not work that takes six months or twelve months, it’s not energy-zapping work, but it’s true thinking work that you need to sit down for a minute, pause your busy lifestyle, and just say, ‘You know what, I’m really, really going to nail this.’

If you can nail it, everything becomes a hundred times easier, faster. People will pay you more, people will be chasing you to train them or coach them online, and you’ll be able to command a much higher price point. So, it’s not even as she said, ‘I never knew it would be that hard,’ it’s not that it’s taken days, weeks, months. It just takes sitting down, closing everything off, a good half an hour, a good sixty minutes, and just questioning yourself.

Who have you had the most success with, who are you getting the most results for, and what type of person would most likely look to see you as having higher value than another person?

So, if you can target those people, target those people only, your communications and your outreach, and your advertising, and those people that see you as giving them the highest value will be happy to pay you the highest value and see your time as the highest value, as they’ll see you as the biggest expert in the space.

If by doing that, fitness can be a pretty crowded market, a pretty saturated market, but doing this work, it really separates you from everything else and creates that uniqueness around what you’re doing. And you cut through the market, there is no competition there afterwards.

So that’s why we’re so focused on this part of things. So, even though she said, ‘I never knew it would be this hard,’ it’s just the thinking work. Every day you’re doing busy work, busy work, doing the stuff you’ve been doing for the last five, ten years, that’s all the easy stuff. You can do that day in and day out, that’s all the easy stuff because you are on autopilot. It’s only when you truly question things, really think about who your market is, and try to break the boundaries on the stuff you’ve been doing, that’s when you’re going to cut through.

So, the point of today’s video is that finding out who you are, really questioning who you are, and trying to find your, what we call, become the king of the mountain. Find your mountain, scale that mountain, and scream from the top of your lungs who you are, who you help, and people will be attracted to you. You’ll no longer need to sell them, they’ll be selling themselves in hoping that you can open up a position in your calendar to service and give them the value.

So, it’s truly, truly important. What I wanted to do is just go through this quick video, I’m just about to park now and go into the office, but make sure you see that as the most valuable thing you can do. It doesn’t matter about funnels, advertising, what creative, what copy, who you’re going to target, what budgets you’re going to have - if you don’t nail your positioning first, you will always end up- you know, you’ll have some successes, you’ll go so far, but you’ll always end up plateauing, or everything will just feel that little bit harder, that little bit more difficult, and that little bit less profitable.

So if you nail that like the numerous people that we work with, as soon as they nail that, business is easy. They end up doubling, tripling their business in, you know, one, two, three months. Only because they know exactly who they’re speaking to. It’s simple, it’s straightforward, but just requires a little bit of time, a little bit of thinking, and yeah so I just wanted to stress that. And I always just wanted to give an example of someone who’s in the space, a superhero, knows her stuff, but everybody has difficulty just questioning who they are and trying to find out truly who they are. It only takes a half an hour, sixty minutes, but if you commit to that, turn off everything, and truly say ‘this is what I’m going to do for the next thirty, sixty minutes,’ you will nail it and it will make business easy in scaling your own line of business and getting more and more clients, high paying clients that see you as the expert that you are in the space, and give you the highest value possible. That’s what you need to do.

So, if you’re trying to take shortcuts on this, trust me, don’t do it. It’ll make it a little bit more difficult, a longer path, you’ll be a little bit less successful, and you won’t grow as fast as other people who nail it. So, hopefully you’ve taken some good tips from today’s video.

We’re at the office, I’m just about to park and walk up to the office, beautiful day, I’ll be speaking to you soon. Cheers. Bye.

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