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Daily Drive Sessions - Online Fitness Business #1 Trap: Online Coaching OR E-book - Which First?

Chris Lynton from will take you through a pretty important thing, something that he has been asked the last couple of weeks from a couple of different people that he has spoken to, who are personal trainers, fitness experts, gurus, looking to take their business online, looking to escape the daily PT grind of having to live close to the gym, work crazy hours at the gym, early mornings, late nights, going up through the lunch period and also having to work weekends.

Expert vs. Generalist

In this blog I will talk about why you need to become an expert and why you don't want to be a generalist. I will also provide you with an analogy to explain the difference. If you want customers to chase you, and if you want to make more money, listen to this audio track. I've also included a transcript of the audio further down for your convenience.