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What's The Most Profitable Online Personal Trainer Niche?

It’s Chris Lynton here from, and today I just wanted to do a really quick video. Something came top of mind for me over the last couple of days. Yesterday I spoke with a person who is looking to bring her business online for some time, really an expert in this space and know her stuff in terms of IT and tech, who’ve done a fair bit of research and paid way too much for information and education in terms of how to put together packages, and all of those sorts of stuff for online clients when they get clients their funnels are always complex and I guess they’re almost too advanced for their own good.

Daily Drive Sessions - Online Fitness Business #1 Trap: Online Coaching OR E-book - Which First?

Chris Lynton from will take you through a pretty important thing, something that he has been asked the last couple of weeks from a couple of different people that he has spoken to, who are personal trainers, fitness experts, gurus, looking to take their business online, looking to escape the daily PT grind of having to live close to the gym, work crazy hours at the gym, early mornings, late nights, going up through the lunch period and also having to work weekends.

The Number 1 Facebook Mistake

Chris Lynton from will take you through the number one reason fitness businesses fail when using Facebook advertising. Now, first and foremost, it's important to know, it's pretty obvious, Facebook is a business; a very, very profitable business and a very large and successful business. The way they make money and the way they make so much money today is by making people want to use their advertising and taking their dollars as fast and as easily and as profitably as possible. So, don't think Facebook is your friend. Don't think Facebook is optimising things for you. You need to not use presets and you need to learn how to use it yourself.