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- This one's about not neglecting certain skills. Now, I had a good chat with a personal trainer last, well early this week, sorry. And it's kind of a conversation that I have all of the time but this one was just really, really top of mind so I wanted to talk about it today.

And how important it is to understand this, to know this and there's just too many people neglecting it. And as a result it's a recipe for disaster. So I'm going to go through the tip of the week. If you got any questions at all comment down below. I'll answer them as views as well. If you are there give me the thumbs up.

Once again and let me know where you're dialling in from. And how the weather is as well. It's always good just to see where people are dialling in from and all around the world we've got loads of different faces here. Awesome to see so many faces people on the session. So jumping straight into the tip of the week. Now the skilled.

Hopefully you're well. The skill that you cannot neglect or is an absolute recipe for disaster that I wanted to talk about today guys. Now way too many people, way too many trainers are great trainers but are terrible marketers and are terrible at sales conversion. You don't have to be great. Sean awesome to see you there too. You don't have to be a great sales person but you have to be able to convert leads into clients. You have to be able to market. Now there's three key skills to any business. Whether it's an online fitness business, whether it's a face to face business, whether that's, you're in a cafe, you're a barista there or whatever it might be. And that is, ability to market and attract customers. Ability to convert those people into paying customers. And the right systems to deliver that product or the services.

There's only three keys things and unfortunately there is so many phenomenal trainers out there. So many phenomenal experts that a massive message to tell and can impact and change hundreds and thousands of lives around the world. Phenomenal trainers are phenomenal around the delivery side of things. So whether that's face to face, whether that's online. You know your shit. You know how to help people. And as a result you're a great trainer. You can get great results for your clients but unfortunately the other two skills out of the three. So you've got that one skill now and it's a very, very common thing. You've got that one skill now but the other two skills are neglected. And as a result you can be the best trainer in the world and you could, your message, your programmes, your expertise could change lives.

Absolutely change lives in a health. The perspective, where they are, get them to their goals but unfortunately you don't get anywhere because you can't get your knowledge in anyone's hands. You can't get your service or product in anyone's hands. Now, if you have the best product in the world and you're the best trainer in the world but you can't get any clients then you're not going to help anyone. You're not, you're gonna help no one. Why? Because you can't get a client to deliver that information, deliver that service, or whatever it might be to change a life. And there's way too many people to go, you know, I'm a great trainer or I'm a great ex, or a great, I know lots about why. And I'm not really a marketer or I don't really want to learn how to do Facebook or Instagram ads or I don't want to know how to generate leads through free strategies.

And I don't want to learn how, you know more about communication and converting. I'm gonna put that out, put that in someone else's hand and expect someone else to take, take care of that for me. Oh I'm just a great trainer. And that's all I'm gonna do. And I've got a friend down the road who knows a little bit about Facebook. You know, did a two hour course, ten years ago, and I'm gonna pay them to take care of that part for me because that's not me and that's a head ache. And I'm just gonna stay good at what I'm doing. Guy's it's a recipe for disaster. I had a good chat with a, with a buck in Australia, early this week and he lost $8,000 through this, this format. Great trainer, phenomenal knowledge. Just wanted to work on his product. Wanted to work on his service and couldn't, you know spent so much time, so much energy there, doing that. Come up with this phenomenal product but then used all his energy and his focus, and his time to do that and then when it came to marketing and actually getting that out in hands and transforming lives. Oh I don't know if I can really be bothered to do that. I'll just get someone else to do that. I'll put my future in someone else's hands.

And what happened? His friend or guy that he met through a friend of a friend of a friend, who knew someone's dog, who lived down the road and was a advertising guru or whatever them hell it might, whatever the hell that means. Did his ads for him and he lost $8,000 in spent on advertising. And it wasn't until I chatted with him yesterday and he revealed this, he opened up about it and said man Chris I heard some of your videos talking about the skills that I needed to have the skills that I needed to own. To be responsible for my future. And I neglected it and I didn't listen. But after having that painful experience he's jumped in. He's now learning how to do advertising and he's crushing it. And he's loving it.

To be even more clear he's getting leads. He's getting clients. He's understanding it all. He's understanding now where the other guy had no idea, what he was doing wrong, why he lost all of that money because he had no idea before. He couldn't even manage the guy, who was the expert, wasting all his money, losing all his money. There's so many people out there that are Facebook advertising guru's or lead generation guru's, or Facebook but messenger guru's who, guys, they probably done a course for an hour or two and then going around and trying to just get clients. And if you are putting your future in those types of people's hands, unfortunately it's a recipe for disaster. And you're not taking control. You're not taking responsibility for your future. Why the hell would you put your future success in another person's? Three key things you need to own and you need to know. Yes once you know them and you understand them to a level and you've done it you can leverage it out to agencies, to an expert, to whatever it might be but you can leverage it at that stage because you understand it.

You know what to look out for. You know the traps to look out for. And then you can understand if the person's got no idea of what they're doing or if they're awesome. You'd be able to identify that in the first day. Rather than losing $8,000 and then looking up and going hmmm, maybe I should of questioned this guy a little bit more to see whether he actually knew what he was doing or not. Don't let your bank account, or loss's in your bank account, tell you. Become skillful in that, in that aspect first and foremost. Know what to look out for. Know how to get results. Then you can leverage your time if you want. If you want but guys there's only three skills you need to have, you need to know and you can grow any business anytime around the world. You, if you own those three skills you are such a powerful individual. People will happily pay you to help create their businesses because they can't be bothered and they're looking for someone else or whatever it might be because once again you will have those skills to grow your own business to whatever level you want. Whenever you want. You'd be able to turn it up. Turn it down. Have a break. Go on holidays. Come back with confidence knowing that you can literally switch it back on. And that's true freedom. Putting your future in someone else's hands, recipe for disaster. It is not, that is, that is not the way businesses are built and that's why having in those three skills, paying an agency or paying someone else to own that, to do that for you is a recipe for disaster. You need to learn. You need to own. You need to be efficient in that skill.

Then you can grow a business. Client attraction, client conversion, client delivery. And that could be a product delivery, that could be face to face training, service, that could be selling coffee, that could be mowing lawns, that could be anything. But client attraction, client conversion, client delivery. That's all that matters. But unfortunately too many people only go well I'm just gonna spend all my time, all my energy on client delivery. Why? Because you know people are scared of knew things or that's the easy thing to do. Just because you know that. You already know how to train people. You already know how to impact lives. The other stuff you need to learn and that's what's actually going to get you from where you are today to where you want to be.

Websites don't cost that much. The person that probably built that for you probably did an hour or two course at some stage and someone said yeah go try and sell websites. It's like. A website is, is not the solution to what you need guys. Client attraction, client conversion, client delivery.

Awesome branding. Awesome websites. Awesome photos and you know training for ways to get into crazy prep, shredded, so you can take those photos. All of those things are kind of around the periphery. They're around the periphery. Then, yes at some stages they can be important but once again logos. The amount of people I speak to are like, oh Chris I'm ready to start my business, maybe in six weeks time because I'm working on my logo right now. And I paid someone three, four, five grand that's gonna do a phenomenal logo for me and as soon as that's finished I'm gonna be ready to start growing my business. Logo's not necessary. That time, that energy, that money could of been used to build your business.

To grow your income. Make multiples back on that through investing it. Either through free client getting strategies, your time, or through paid client getting strategies. Facebook ads, Instagram advertising. So, know about your priorities. Know about the three key things you need to focus your energy and time on. If you know how to get a service already, and results, sorry, already with your clients, don't just sit there with your energy and time. I understand that's the safe space. That's where most people want to hang out because that's where they understand. That's what they know. That's where they want to stay, the safe space. But guys, the other areas of you know, personal development, going in areas that aren't potentially, or kind of scary. Success is found in the areas that are scary. Why? Because, if success was found in doing the things you are already currently doing, then you'd already be massively successful. So you wouldn't have to learn anything more. And you know, as the saying goes, insanity, the, I'm trying to think of the quote off the top of my head, but the, definition of insanity is doing the same thing day in and day out and expecting different results. I'll say that again. Definition of insanity is doing the same thing day in and day out and expecting a different result.

And it's just like, that's in business, that's in life, that's in training. You know if you think about it, if you had a training programme and you did that for six months and you got no results, well doing it for another six months is not gonna get you any results. That's the definition of insanity. Assuming if you did it for another six months, that some how results are gonna happen. Definition of insanity, you need to do something different. You need to do something new. You need to do something that potentially scares you. But that is where success is found. Anyways that's it for me guys. If you got any questions comment down below.

Check out my webinar. Start communicating to people. You know, check out a couple more videos and think about your packages you offer. At least take that first step. Haven't watched the whole video but will get back and watch it later mate. Legend. Check out the webinar. It will tell you specifically what to focus on. And guys it doesn't mean you need to take a massive leap. If you're looking to go on line, you don't have to take, you know a massive leap, and I don't know, join tribe fit or whatever. Like, you don't, I'm not saying you have to do that, I'm just saying, I want each and every one of you who wants to do online to at least take one step in the right direction. You know that is going to head you in the right direction and that could be as little as just watching the webinar and then taking action after. Watching information and not taking action will get you no where. But absorbing information and then taking action is what it's all about. So you can take baby steps. You can run straight into it and make it happen. No matter what it is as long as you're moving forward I am happy. So guys do that.

Take action this week in the direction of where you want to go. That's it for me today. Have a phenomenal rest of your day. It's Thursday here. So if it's Thursday where you are, have a great Thursday. If it's Wednesday night, have a great Wednesday night as well or whatever time it is for you guys. Have a great rest of your day. Have a great week. Any questions reach out. That's it. Bye for now and bye from my hair. See you guys.

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