Tribefit - Online Personal Training Client Experiences

Tribefit - Online Personal Training Client Experiences

- Like two to three months of starting we went up to $10 grand a month, okay? So 10k a month. And since then, so in the last
sort of four to six months I'd say we've basically
gone from 10 grand a month up to now doing $20,000 a month, okay? And done $100,000 in the
last, since we started, right? Which was, what, about eight months ago. 
- And it's just really helpful. It's step-by-step. I spent a long time before
trying it on my own, trying to figure everything out, and just things weren't really happening, and then they just told me, "Do these things and they'll work". And they do. 
- We're getting into week 4 now. It's going so good. I have 25 clients and bunch
of leads sitting there. 

- [Voiceover] So, that's the first page. Let's see, there's one,
two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine,
ten, eleven, twelve. Twelve on that page. (guitar) One, two, three, four, five, six. Yeah, so, it works. 

- Four extra clients just in the last week for my online programme, which isn't even the new one, but will be soon and I'm loving having the sort of the process of the specific modules to follow and it works in a really, it appeals to how old it is. So I can't recommend it highly enough. 
- So within four weeks, my full investment that I made with TribeFit was paid off, and I thought that was pretty amazing because there was - 
- I can't express my gratitude towards the guys at TribeFit and how much it helped me. And if you're sitting on the fence about this sort of stuff, make the first step, okay, and continue on. I'm over 12 months with these guys. Don't plan on stopping soon. It helped me to get to where I want to go and we got some crazy big goals ahead of us. 
- Thank you to the guys at TribeFit. You've been awesome and we hit crazy numbers in our first week of launch and I'm just so excited to continue growing and - 
- So now we work from home pretty much and we are going to the gym and we love to do our stuff and we concentrate on our family and we developed a cash flow that basically come in weekly and allowed us to sustain our family. 

- For me it's been a real turnaround, really, in terms of where to focus my energy and efforts. Rather than focusing on the marketing, these guys literally just take care of all of it. They tell me where to go, what to do, where to be, how to do it, and it's just helped so much. So yeah, I'm really thankful to the guys. 

- So if you're looking to literally invest once in something, and you don't want to be spending money on different courses, I highly recommend doing this course because it's all in one. It literally gives you everything you need and - 
- So since being able to work with TribeFit, we've really been able to expand our business. Our customer base has nearly doubled. 
- And in my first 30 days, I got 11 clients, paying clients and- - I'm blown away by the results that I have gotten and it's all thanks to Chris and his team. 
- And let me tell you, there's a lot of people out there who do different types of marketing among products but our experience hasn't been great over the years. But Chris and Andrew have been fantastic so far. And in the very early days, everything's looking fantastic from our return on investment perspective so we're very happy and highly recommend them. 

- And they're super nice so check them out. 
- They've added a good value to our business. We've increased sales already and it looks like we're gonna be increasing a lot more in the months to come. Guys are an absolute pleasure. 
- So if you're looking at joining Chris and his team, I definitely would give it a go. They're fantastic. You're definitely going to see results. I would not look past Chris and his team so definitely highly recommend Chris. Give him a go. He's fantastic. 

- As you can see behind me, go on, listen to the testimonials. There's nothing better you can do than make that decision today and just act on it. Reach out to the boys and girls. Find out what they can do for you and don't miss out on this opportunity. You need to get in now. 

- You need guidance and support, there's nothing better than having a coach who knows what they're doing, who can guide you through the process, and get you there quicker. Make it a shorter journey. Make it more successful. 

- And actually having clients chase me rather than chasing them, which has allowed my lifestyle to be really relaxed, less stressful. I can really plan my life rather than working my life around the gym and clients. 
- In the first day that we launched the online programming, I had 34 leads come in. 
- (voiceover) I've been around the block, Internet marketing-wise, a few times and spent a lot of money on churning programmes. This one actually works. 

- So don't do it alone. The trick is to get in some guys that have proven their product, okay? They've walked the path already. Now you just need to join the team and step up like I have. 

- It's just been an amazing experience so far. Step-by-step, they give you strategies. They give you techniques to not only build your business but to grow your business and to make it a success. They really do know their stuff. If you have any problems or need any support, it's there. 
- And we would not have been able to do what we have done or seen the success that we have if it wasn't for TribeFit. 
- I would definitely recommend jumping on board with TribeFit. Like I said, the investment's paid for itself within four weeks. The knowledge, the support from Chris and the guys has just been phenomenal so I'm very happy. I'm very excited. 
- It's given me so much and I'm just really grateful and proud to be a part of the TribeFit team. Thanks.  

- Thank you, Chris and Andrew for helping me get to this point and I look forward to working with you guys again in the future. 
- Thank you so much, Chris, for all your work. You've made a huge difference to my life and my business, and I can't thank you boys enough. 

- Shouting out through onto Chris and the crew at TribeFit for the wonderful work they've done with my business, LHO, thus far. 
- Chris and Andrew are amazing. They're always there when you need support. I really enjoyed the journey and I'm excited to see what we're gonna do in the next six months. 

- So highly recommend Chris and the guys at TribeFit and I'm hopeful they can do the same for your business. 
- Go and search them up. and this is the next step for you in your online business as part of your fitness enterprise. 
- I'm only doing this video because I mean what I say and if you're serious, really, about going online, working with Chris and Andy has been the best thing that I've ever done.

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